Jesus: “Do I Have to Repeat Myself?!”

As I was studying the Resurrection story in Matthew 28 this week, one line kept jumping out at me.  I’ve read this passage countless times, but this time, four simple, yet powerful words jumped out at me. — just as He said.  Friends, today we celebrate the Resurrection!  The raising of our Lord and Savior,Continue reading “Jesus: “Do I Have to Repeat Myself?!””

The Sound of Silence

This Sunday is known as Palm Sunday because as Jesus entered Jerusalem, the people waved palm branches.  Why palm branches? Because they were something that was available and symbolic in their community and culture.  Let me ask you this…. What would you wave today?  If Jesus arrived in your town, coming down the street toward your house, and youContinue reading “The Sound of Silence”

What Are You Lookin’ At?

Sometimes we have moments where the events of the day – those things that take over our airwaves and monopolize our thoughts – just need to be addressed.  The coronavirus – COVID19 – is one of those things.  When I was a kid, my siblings and I would get in trouble for what seemed toContinue reading “What Are You Lookin’ At?”

And there was light…

Last night at one of our Connect Church Recovery meetings, one of our pastors mentioned that a young woman “had a light in [her] eyes that wasn’t there when [they] first met.” Have you ever noticed that? Ever notice that some people’s eyes shine when others’ look dark? Ever notice that some people “light upContinue reading “And there was light…”